Why so many inconsistent statements, right Mr. Erdoğan?

Erdogan and his very long arms should be curiously watching the fate of the murder case of Jamal Khashoggi.

At some point, what’s happening is very related with the road map they will follow. The cost of this murder to Saudi Arabia shall be an indicator for the executions planned by ours.

Thankfully, they have not dared to butcher a person in their embassies (yet). But they’ve managed to turn their embassies into a bandit tent, thanks to many operations named after adolescent dramas similar to ‘Diriliş’. Maybe they did not kill, but tortured many teachers, they abducted abroad, in Turkey. They are really good at this, hence they have invented an abysmal and ignoble kind of torture like threatening by “I break my fast with your wife”.

His spokesman already confirmed that these kind of applications, which downgraded Turkey to “bandit state”, are performed after the orders of Erdoğan in person. “I hereby tell you that our President has clear orders on this issue, our authorized units are performing professional operations on this issue. There may have some operations similar to operations in Kosovo, or other places” spokesman of Turkish Presidency, İbrahim Kalın told at a press conference about the abduction of teachers, businessman abroad by MIT.

The “gunman” journalists of the Palace are also swaggering around like Kırkpınar announcers that journalists living outside Turkey shall be killed. Khashoggi case serves as a test also for them.


If we ignore the allusion, seriocomically…

The main point I want to touch is a sentence of President Erdoğan, which he spoke in political party group meeting last Tuesday. Erdoğan told that Saudi Arabia had conspiratorially butchered Khashoggi and asked some questions to royal family with thunder: “Why there are too many inconsistent statements, while the murder case is so clear?”

At the end, if Saudi administration is innocent, why there are too many inconsistent statements, right?

They first said they did not know anything about the case, but later they admitted and land the guilt upon some others. Erdoğan points to these inconsistencies and hints that Kingdom lies behind this murder.

A true and on-point logic. Let’s all walk through this way opened by President.

But, dear Mr. Erdoğan, where we shall put your inconsistence statements about 15th of July?

Why did you always make inconsistent explanations about when you first heard the coup attempt?

Even by beginning from the first day of the attempt…

I mean, while your memory was fresh, events are recent.

Didn’t you tell different stories to every different TV channel about when you are first notified about the attempt?

First of all, you said on the night of 15th of July that “There were some mobility in our armed forces through afternoon.”

For later occasions:

You said to CNN International on 18th of July that “I was notified at 20.00 on that night”;

You said to Al Jazeera on 20th of July that “My brother-in-law informed me at around 20.00”;

You said to Reuters on 21th of July that “My brother-in-law called me at around 16.00 – 16.30 and told that there was a mobility around Beylerbeyi”;

Aren’t you the one who said “We heard at around 21.15 that something had began. At 21.30 my brother-in-law called me.” on 30th of July, in the common broadcasting of ATV-A Haber?

How is it possible that you can not make a clear and consistent statement about when this coup attempt started and when you first did hear about it?

Why all the times you gave are all inconsistent to each other?


Okan Bato, Chief Public Prosecutor of İzmir, has explained that he notified you about the preparation of coup attempt at 15.00 on 15th of July. Why didn’t you speak of this notification? If this prosecutor is lying, why did not you dismiss him or file a criminal complaint about him.

Hakan Fidan, your dark horse, Chief of General Staff Hulusi Akar and Deputy Chief of General Staff Yaşar Güler claimed that they all tried to call you around 19.00 but failed to reach you. On the contrary, you said that you tried to reach all these three person and failed to contact them, and you were not notified about the coup attempt.

Why so inconsistent?

Why you can not make both ends meet about this issue?

How we shall explain the inconsistency of promotion of Akar to National Security Minister post and Güler to Chief of General Staff, and you still hold the Fidan as your undersecretary to MIT?

While talking about ‘inconsistency’, you know very well that how murderers make inconsistent statements by laughing into others face.

There are many questions waiting for an answers, including why there were 4 different planes waiting on standby at the 4 different locations on that night in Marmaris.


For example; why did not you send Hakan Fidan for questioning in the Parliament Commission?

Let we ask the question to you: “Why there are too many inconsistent statements, while the murder case is so clear?”


How beautiful questions you ask Dear Erdoğan!

Courage is good, if it is not against you.

These statements are made by you on the following day: “There are indications that the murder is not an instant but planned. Why did 15 people gather in Istanbul on the day of the murder? From whom these people took orders and then gathered? Why was the building of the consulate general is not opened immediately after the investigation, but opened one day later? Why there are too many inconsistent statements, while the murder case is so clear? Why the corpse is not still found? If the statement that the corpse was given to the local collaborator is correct, who is this local collaborator? No ordinary person talks about it. You have to explain this local collaborator. No one should think that this case will be closed before all the questions are answered.”

Alright, but what about the questions asked to you about 15th of July, where 250 are dead; who will answer them?

Let’s think that it is normal as if it is not your duty to find the ‘local collaborator’, but rather it is the duty of Saudis; well then is it the duty of Prince Selman to find the murderers of these 250? Saudis gave permissions many days after the murder and you don’t perform autopsy and ballistic investigations. What is the difference?

Saudis prevent the research activities in the well located in the garden of consulate and you did not activate the Parliament Commission, where is the difference?

And you still said “No one should think that this case will be closed before all the questions are answered.” Bull’s eye!

You must not ever think this case shall be closed before you answered the questions about 15th of July. You may have buried the truth, conscience, law, human rights after chopping them with a saw in your hand into the backyard of your Palace. But truths shall come to light sooner or later. That’s what you shall know.

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